Blinded by Science

WOW! I totally forgot that I used to have a bunch of tutorials and notes on stuff I knew about!

Modelsim tutorial

Volterra series tutorial


Discrete-time Fourier Transform

I just wrote up some notes I had about doing DFTs. There are only three things I learned in engineering school that I think were really important, and the DFT is one of them. The other two are digital circuit design and object oriented programming. I might write something about those later, but the DFT is the one I usually forget, so I needed notes for myself.

Anyways, here are the notes!

And there's a bonus! I even wrote some C code that implements a really simple DFT! Simple means that its completely un-optimized, so its not a good idea to use this code to do something in real time. It's more of a starting point to understand how to implement a DFT in C.