Today I got out my C67 DSP development board and made a disturbing effect pedal. I also wired up a unity gain buffer amplifier to get a decent signal into the A/D converter, but it ended up coloring the sound quite heavily. Also, the amplifier doesn't filter the signal at all, so it's pretty much all low end since that's what the guitar is generating.

I'm not sure why I put this in the hardware section. It's embedded, so it's about halfway in between. Plus, I've been writing so much C# code lately, it feels like C is hardware.

Here's an artist's interpretation of the setup:

Here's how it sounds


Well, for the last 5 years or so I've been wanting to design and implement my own computer processor. I've finally got something working, and I'm ready to share it with the world! I'm releasing the vhdl source here, along with the ModelSim project I made it with.
I've also got some simulation and code generation software available here.

VHDL source

I'm also going to post some of the documents I generated while designing this mess.

ISA Specification
Component Tests